If you've got questions you need answered, you've come to the right page.

Here are a list of answers for some of the questions we get asked the most.


How do I get started with my first delivery?

Simple! Just text us through a photo of your Medical Recommendation and Government Issued Picture ID. We will then verify you and get your membership started. We will also need your Delivery Address texted through as well.

Once we get all this info, feel free to either text your order through or give us a call if you have any questions.


What is the delivery minimum?

The minimum to get a delivery driver out to you is $35. This is simply because of the volume of orders we get and needing to ensure we can keep our delivery times down. This $35 minimum is for both card and cash.

What perks do members get?

Lots of them! Our most often used perk is our Scheduling of orders. Give us a 2+ hour window to deliver your medicine and we will throw in an extra gram when you order 2 grams or more FOR FREE.

Simply give us a text with when you want your order delivered by (or if you want it at a specific time) and we will give you an extra gram of whichever strain you decide to order.


What pesticides are used in your flower?

Absolutely NONE. All of our flower is 100% certified organic. When we grow it ourselves we grow indoors in our facility in Humboldt county or in one of our greenhouses in Monterey or Humboldt. 

When we obtain flowers from outside sources we personally visit each grow operation to ensure they aren't using harmful pesticides. The flavor of our flower speaks for itself, all of our strains are grown with proper nutrients and no pesticides, leaving the smoke clean, flavorful, and aromatic.


What do I do with your jars?

Like any respectable dispensary, we only deliver our flower in air-tight glass jars. This ensures the best flavor, freshness, and quality of your medicine. We take our flower very seriously, and we want you to receive only the highest-end quality for price in all of California.

In order to keep our environmental impact to a minimum we take back jars to be cleaned and reused. We will give you a $5 credit for every 1/8th jar you return, up to 5 jars per order. 

Please be advised that you cannot return smaller gram jars or other containers other than the 1/8th jars for credit, but we can still take them to recycle if you'd like.


The delivery minimum of $35 still applies for discounted orders.


Can I return jars and schedule an order?

You can, but we can't give you both of the perks. You will have to choose one or the other as none of our offers can be combined. If you've got any questions, please give us a call: 424-256-5388