Chocolate Thai (Batch II) (s) - 4g

Chocolate Thai (Batch II) (s) - 4g

  • $50.00

We just pulled our second batch of Choc Thai, and it's looking better than the last. This batch leans more sativa than the previous one, and has a deeper, unmistakably chocolate smell. This one hits really hard, so keep that in mind when dosing if you're using it for a daytime medicine.


Chocolate Thai has an interesting history. It came to fame in the 1960s because of its potency and unique smell. However, it always produced male flowers with seeds, and thus it began to be mixed with other strains to ensure a higher yield for growers. An actual Chocolate Thai is a rare find these days....

Yet, we've found an original, completely seed-free.

An old-school sativa that's uplifting, potent, and allows for great focus.